• All in the family

    Craft and micro-breweries have issues in common The Brewers of Europe is advocating for in the EU and beyond, says Pierre-Olivier Bergeron, secretary general of...

  • Beer porn June 2019

    Our monthly 'beer porn' series celebrates label designers. Submit any wonders you find to info@idiots.beer. See Beer Porn from other months at: https://idiots.beer/beer-porn/

  • State of the art

    Tim Webb, co-author of the World Atlas of Beer and a member of the executive of the European Beer Consumers Union speaks about the revolution...

  • Community and collaboration

    Community and collaboration are at the heart of Northern Monk's passion for craft beer says Brian Dickson, co-founder of the brewery in Leeds, UK.

  • Beer culture

    François Simon, co-founder of L’Ermitage, Brussels, Belgium, describes how the brewery stays involved in their local community by promoting arts and culture, while trying to...

  • Brewers Forum 2019