• Zwanze Day images

    The Beer Idiots visited Cantillon on Zwanze day, 28 September and spoke with Jean Van Roy, Cantillon's owner and brewer, before heading off to l'Ermitage...

  • The Bhoys from Edmonton

    Doug Checknita of Blind Enthusiasm in Canada is remembered in Brussels as having worked at Cantillon in Brussels, but he is also known for his...

  • No cock in cockt-ale

    I am a convert after drinking three cockt-ales mixed by Damien Baert. The shaking happened during Lindemans Lambic Tour.

  • Lindemans Lambic Tour 2019

    Lindemans Lambic Tour 2019, an annual bicycling event, was held this year on  car free Sunday, 22 September.

  • Wondering about Wanderlust

    Sébastien Morvan, co-founder of the Brussels Beer Project, talks about Wanderlust, what to do when the beer runs out too soon, and about the future...

  • Ixelles walk

    A walk through the Maalbeek valley in Ixelles, Brussels with Malt & Mout.

  • The valley of the shadow of beer

    I walked through the Maalbeek valley with Malt & Mout listening to the story of the breweries that used to exist in the Ixelles area...

  • Wanderlust photos

    Wanderlust was held this year at the Vismarkt, Marché aux Poissons, in Brussels on 14-15 September. Read the story here. Related Images:

  • Down in Dunham

    Sébastien Gagnon, founder of Brasserie Dunham in Quebec, Canada, has made the long, hard climb to the top of the craft beer world from when...

  • Funky England

    Gen and Jonny Mills of Mills Brewing, UK were unsure if the British beer drinking public would be just as passionate, but they have been...