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  • When to drink this week

    The most incredible beer agenda you ever drank.

  • Beergium: craft comes to Uccle

    Sébastien Caucheteur‎ talks about Beergium, a craft beer bar he and Fanny Delhaye launched in Uccle.

  • At the crossroads

    Kevin Desmet, co-organiser of the BXL BeerFest, speaks about brewers and friends and bringing everyone together. The beer festival, held 23-25 August 2019, attracted some...

  • Sweden’s new wave

    Malmö, Sweden is bursting with new brewers. The Beer Idiots talk about the new wave with four of the new wave of founders and brewers:...

  • Inside H2O

    Olivier Huens is hands on at Brasserie H2O as he brings his twist to brewing. See the videos and pics as he takes the Beer...

  • To the Citadel

    It's fun, musical and scenic. Emilien Watelet talks about why he and Sébastien Legrain organised what is Wallona's largest beer festival, Namur Capitale de la...

  • The Brazilian factor

    Paula Yunes and Valéry De Breucker, founder of Brasserie Atrium, has made a big splash in Belgium since they began selling their beers earlier this...

  • Beer Porn – July 2019

    Our monthly 'beer porn' series celebrates label designers.

  • Stone of wisdom

    Greg Koch of Stone Brewing talks Metallica and passion as he celebrates 23 years in the business of artisanal brewing.

  • All in the family

    Beer Idiots

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    Craft and micro-breweries have issues in common The Brewers of Europe is advocating for in the EU and beyond, says Pierre-Olivier Bergeron, secretary general of...