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    Het Nest’s house of cards

    Video: Bart Cuypers, co-owner and president of Brewery Het Nest in Oud-Turnhout, Belgium, knows the right cards to play when it comes to brewing beers in an increasingly competitive...

    Christmas brews in Essen

    Co-founder Jan Machiel van Bragt takes us on a walk around Essen's Christmas beer festival, featuring about 220 beers and has bragging rights to the largest of its kind...

    French connection

    Nicolas Lescieux of  l’Échappée Bière, one of the organisers of the Bière a Lille (BAL), talks about the growth of craft beer in France and takes us on a...

    From a Polish kitchen

    Mateusz Jachimczak of Brewery Kazimierz, in Zakrzów, Poland talks about his early beginnings to microbrewery with Beer Idiot Dieter Proost at the Warsaw Beer Festival in November 2019.

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