Interview: Polish craft scene

Last weekend I decided to leave my natural habitat. The first stop of the night in Brussels was GIST near Gare Centrale. GIST is a nice bar with some excellent craft beer that is run by a former ex-bartender from Moeder Lambic. 

Soon I was chatting with a Polish tourist and his girlfriend.  After some drinks, I noticed that when people talk with so much passion about beer then you know that they are at the level of an expert. And yes! I was talking with Paweł Leszczyński, a homebrewer and certified beer judge who along with Jacek Materski organises the Warsaw craft beer festival in Poland. The craft beer scene in Poland is booming so fast that the festival is held twice a year. 

So what would a Beer Idiot do? Call back a day later and ask for a Sunday beer & interview about the Polish craft beer scene. Thanks again Paweł Leszczyński .

So enjoy! 

Links from the interview:

Polish Home Brewers Association, which provides training for those who want to become beer judges. 

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